Green Eggs and Ham

I am very happy to publish the first post of Dasbeth Online Languages. In this post, I am going to talk about a material I recently published on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. This material is about practising rhyming words with the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

This material has beed designed to teach rhyming words to kids whose mother tongue is different from English. This way, they are going to develop reading and oral skills, since they will be able to recognize these words, and pronounce them correctly.

This material is ideal for kids among 5 to 9 years old, who are learning English at an elementary level.

This material can be used in one or two 45-or 60-minute classes.

List of rhyming words from this material

  • mouse-house
  • fox-box
  • Sam-ham
  • there-anywhere
  • car-are
  • see-tree
  • rain-train
  • boat-goat
  • say-may

This material includes the following exercises:

  • Posters of rhyming words that can be found in the book Green Eggs and Ham.
Afiche con palabras
afiche de palabras e imágenes
  • Two tracing exercises.

 One exercise has only words and the other version images to connect with words.

trazado de palabras
Trazado de palabra con imagen
  • Four versions of memory game cards

Two versions are word plus image. The words that appear in the first version as words, then are images in the second version. There is a version with all cards with words, and, in the last version, all cards have images.

juego de memoria-versión 1
Memory Game-Second Version
Juego de memoria-fichas de palabras
Juego de memoria-fichas de imágenes
  • Paste the correct rhyming word card in the correct space

This exercise is also designed in four versions. The words that have to be pasted in the first version are already written in the second version. Besides, with the first two versions, students can work rhyming words without images, while in the other two versions, students connect rhyming words by placing in the empty space an image, if the worksheet has words or a word if the worksheet has images.

Paste a rhyming card-Version 1
Paste rhyming word card-Version 2
Paste rhyming image card
Paste a rhiming image card
  • Write the beginning letter for each word (two versions)

This is another great exercise to know how rhyming words are written, in other words, to recognize the difference between them. It also has two versions, for students to practice writing the beginning letter of all rhyming words.

Write the beginning of the word Version 1
write the beginning of a word-Version II
  • Draw a line between the words that rhyme

This is a classical exercise. In this exercise, students must connect with a line those words that rhyme.

Matching exercises
  • Read the word, find and circle the right rhyming word (two versions)

In this exercise, the rhyming word must be found in a one-line letter soup and circle. There are also two versions, as you can see in the images below.

One-line letter soup-Version 1
One-word letter soup-Version II
  • Circle the pair of words that rhyme in each row

In this case, two rhyming words match each other and must be circled.

Circle the rhming words that match
  • Read and cover (4 versions)

Read and cover exercise allows student to read a card and find the rhyming word in the worksheet. There are versions with only words and versions with only images. However, teachers can use a worksheet of images with word cards and vice versa.

Read and Cover-Version I
Read and Cover-Version II
Read and Cover-Version III
Read and Cover-Version IV
  • Read the following sentences, color the right rhyming word, and then read aloud the sentence

In this exercise, the sentences were extracted from the book. The student have to color the right rhyming word.

Color the right rhyming word
Color the right rhyming word 2